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Welcome to our product profile for electrical items, where innovation meets efficiency. Specializing in a wide array of lighting solutions and electrical essentials, we are committed to illuminating your world with the latest technology and unmatched quality.

Our extensive range of LED lighting options includes both indoor and outdoor solutions, tailored to suit every ambiance and necessity. From sleek LED tubes and versatile light fixtures to robust street lights, our collection is designed to cater to diverse lighting needs. Whether it's for commercial spaces with our state-of-the-art commercial lighting or for cozy homes with our residential lighting solutions, our products promise energy efficiency and longevity. But that's not all – we also delve into the realm of explosion-proof LED lights, engineered specifically for high-risk areas such as oil fields and railways, ensuring safety without compromising on brightness.

In addition to LED lighting, we offer a variety of conventional lighting products. Our selection includes the ever-reliable metal halide lamps, the versatile fluorescent tubes, and the powerful mercury lamps, each serving a unique purpose and setting. These products represent the classic choices in lighting, renowned for their reliability and performance. But our commitment to providing comprehensive lighting solutions doesn't stop there. We continually expand our product range to include the latest innovations and designs in the lighting industry, ensuring that our customers have access to the best and most efficient lighting options available.

Beyond lighting, our portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of electrical cables and conduits to meet all your wiring and cabling needs. From residential wires that power homes to armored and high-voltage cables for more demanding applications, each product is designed with safety and durability in mind. Our selection also includes specialized cables like mineral insulated cables and solar cables, perfect for specific and environmentally conscious applications. To complement our cable offerings, we provide a variety of conduits and cable trays, including both GI and PVC options, along with their accessories. These are essential for organizing and protecting your wiring systems, ensuring a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure.

At our core, we believe in providing not just products but solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. Dive into our world of electrical excellence and light up your projects with confidence and quality.

Product Profile

LED Lighting

LED Panels, Tubes, W/P Fittings, IP 65 fittings, Decorative lightings, Rope lights, Canopy lights, Street Lights.

Explosion proof, ATEX Flood lights, Canopy lights, LED Baton fittings

Emergency & Exit LED lights, Battery backup pack

Ballasts and chokes, Electronic & Magnetic, High frequency Ballasts

Conventional Lighting

Fluorescent tubes, Metal halide lamps, Sodium vapor lamps, Mercury lamps, Halogen lamps

Wiring Devices

Switches & sockets, Industrial plug & sockets, Extension sockets, Waterproof switches

Cables & Accessories

Wires and cables for domestic and Industrial use, PVC single core, multi core wires, Control cables, Instrumentation wires, Solar cables, Fire rated cables & wires, Lugs and cable glands, Explosion proof cable glands. Electrical tapes. PVC and porcelain connectors, PVC, Nylon and metal cable ties.

Solar Panels & Controllers

Backup Power

Battery - Lead Acid , NiCd, Lithium Ion , UPS , Inverter, Stabilizer